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  State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 21, 2016 6:02am-6:14am PST

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>> there's nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious, it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. >> and the winner of the south carolina republican primary, donald trump, joins us right now. mr. trump, congratulations on your victory. what do you think this means for the race going forward? are you unstoppable? >> well, certainly you can be stopped. i'm dealing with very talented people. they're politicians, they're senators and, i guess do we have any governors left? i don't think so. but we have a lot of talented people. and we'll see what happens. certainly, nobody's unstoppable. >> your campaign manager, corey li , says you have want gotten the credit from the party for leading the race. why do you think that is? do you think some republicans still don't take you seriously?
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>> well, i'm an outsider, which i'm proud to be. remember, i was a member of the establishment. i was a big campaign contributor. i gave lots of money to everybody. i was a very big donor to the republicans. i used to be a donor to everybody, frankly, because as a businessman that was a good thing to do. but, yeah, the day i decided to run, which was june 16th, i became an outsider. and all of the establishment sort of said, well, wait a minute, what happened to him? he's not supposed to be doing that. that's not in the cards. i don't want money. i'm self-funding my campaign so i don't need donor money and lobbyist money and special interest money, and is that bothers them. i can't be controlled. i'm going to do what's good for the people and good for the country. this is a great opportunity. the drug companies control the drug industry. i mean, it's ridiculous. and the military companies -- you know, everybody controls everything. i'm going to do what's right. i'm going to be fair to everybody but i'm going to do what's right. that's why we have big deficit,
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make the bad trade deals because all these politicians are controlled by lobbyists, et cetera. >> senator sanders said he didn't think a brokered convention would be bad. are you concerned that party leaders might try to block your nomination at the convention? >> i don't think we're going to have a brokered convention. i think it's unlikely. i think i'm doing better than that. so far, i'm really on my way. i thought i won iowa, if you look at it closely. even if you didn't, i got one delegate less because i came in a very, very close second. i have a second and two firsts and new hampshire was a blowout. this one was a mroeout. and, you know, i don't think -- i don't see if there's a convention. i think most of the smart people are saying there's not going to be a convention. interestingly, the one who is say there's going to be a convention, usually they are the pundits that have been wrong forever. the ones that have been wrong about me. not you, because you've been right about me, and i appreciate it. >> senator cruz says you attack
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him every day because you know he's the only one who can beat you. is that right? >> no, it's not right, but he's very talented. and certainly he could beat me, and so could marco and so could the others that are running. you know, crazier things happen in the world of politics. >> governor bush dropped out last night. he was once the front-runner, once expected to win the nomination. many would point to you as the primary reason his campaign sputtered. do you think by labeling him low energy and targeting him so quickly, do you think that's what did him in? >> i just don't know what did him in. i can tell you, i like him, he's a good person, a good man, but he hit me with a lot of commercials. he was spending $25 million on commercials on me. i said, wow, that's another commercial. that one's really bad and not true. although some was true. i mean, i will tell, some was true, but a lot wasn't true. and i said, wow, that's a big commercial. and then it just kept going on and on and on.
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and i said, who's doing that? and it was jeb. then there would be a new one and it was jeb. then a new one and it was jeb. and, you know, a couple of -- we had a couple of robo calls yesterday morning and the morning of the election. and they were brutal. that was done by ted cruz. we had two really brutal robo calls. one on the flag and one on gay rights. and i want to tell you, they were tough, tough, tough. so, you know, this is a tough business, i'll tell you. i think real estate in manhattan is a lot he'ser. >> you also took on jeb's brother, george w. bush in south carolina, a state that he won in 2000. and then you won it handily, even though you took on george w. bush. do you see jeb's loss and your victory in south carolina as a vote on the entire bush legacy, in a way? >> i hope not because it shouldn't be. it wasn't meant to be. jeb fought very hard. it wasn't his time.
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that's all. he's a very capable person. it just wasn't his time. and, you know, i know the family. my son knows his son. my son eric knows jeb's son and he says he's an incredible young man. and, you know, it was really just not his time. it was really -- you know, four years ago, i think he would have won. although it would have been -- you know, with mitt and him, it would have been a good contest. but this was not really his time. >> there's a lot of concern, as you know, among republican party leaders in washington about can you win a general election? let's talk about demographics for a second. if the next republican nominee wins the same share of the white vote that marco rubio did in 2012, that was 59%, that nominee would need to win 30% of the non-white vote. now, with all due respect, sir, a lot of republican leaders in d.c. struggle to envision you accomplishing this, especially given the fact that there are white supremacist groups and individuals like that who support you, some of whom you've even retweeted.
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>> well, is that i know nothing about. i don't know retweeting up. retweet somebody and they turn out to be white supremacists. i know nothing about the groups that support me. s i will tell you, as a candidate i'll bring over a lot of democrats, bring over a lot of independents. nobody else will. in all fairness, other candidates will never bring over independents. we're talking about the reagan democrats. we'll bring over tremendous numbers. we'll bring over youth. bernie's not going to make it, in my opinion. i never thought he would. hillary won't make it. frankly f she gets indicted, that's the only way she'll be stopped. i think it will be between hillary and myself. they say it will be the largest volter turnout in the history of the united states elections. i want to tell you, that's a great compliment to the country because we have such a low voter turnout compared to a lot of other countries. so, i think it will be the greatest voter turnout in history. if it's hillary against me, that's going to be a tremendous turnout. i'm going to win.
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i'm going to win places like michigan, that the republicans can't even think of. you know, they always talk about the six states, right, with ohio and pennsylvania and, you know, et cetera, et cetera. i won't go through the numbers. but i will win places like michigan that people don't even talk about. ly have a chance of winning new york. if i win new york, the election's over, okay, from an electoral college standpoint. i have a chance of winning new york. i'll win states that aren't in play. i'll win states that the republicans don't even think of. and one of them that comes to mind is michigan. and another one is new york. upstate new york. i'm like, the most popular person that's ever lived virtually upstate new york. they're great friends of mine. and we will do very well in new york. i don't know, maybe win it, maybe not, but we're going to do -- we're going to come awfully close to winning it. i think i have a great chance. the other thing is, african-american voters, i think i'm going to get tremendous amounts. you're seeing the stories where after can american leaders are saying, my people really like trump because i'm going to bring jobs back from china and mexico
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and japan and vietnam and india, and all these places that are taking our jobs. i'm going to bring jobs back. and a recent poll came out where i had 25% african-american. and the republicans usually get about 4% or 5%. one of the hosts said, if he ever gets 25%, this election's over. you might as well not run. -t. i'm going to do great with the afternoon can americans. african-american youth is 58% unemploy unemployed. african-americans in their prime are substantially worse off, you know, economically than a -- than the whites in their prime. it's a very sad situation. i'm going to do great with afterno african-americans, you watch. and hispanics. i want to get clarification on comments you made this week at the cnn town hall about obamacare. >> why would insurance company not have a pre-existing -- >> i like the mandate. here's where i'm a little
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different. i don't want people dying on the streets. i say this all the time. >> sir, what did you mean when you said, i like the mandate? >> well, what happened is we were talking over each other and it wasn't anderson's fault because i think anderson's terrific. i thought he did -- it was a great evening and we got tremendous reviews on it, tremendous ratings, which is always nice, too. but what i'm talking about is very simple. there's no mandate, no mandatory anything. we're going to end obamacare, terminate it. it's going to be repealed, replaced by something much better. first of all, we have to get rid of the lines between the states so there's competition. we have to. and we'll go health care savings accounts. there's many different ways. we'll get great health care. can you have your own doctor, which people don't have, even though obama promised. you'll have your own plan. we'll have great health care. the one thing i say is this, call it whatever you want. people are not going to die in the middle of a street because they have absolutely no money and they're sick. they're not dying on the sidewalks and they're not dying
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on the streets if i'm president. they're just not. as a republican, a lot of people say, oh, that's a terrible thing to say as a republican. let me tell you this, you know i have the biggest crowds. far bigger than bernie. bernie is second. i'll make a speech in front of 20,000 people and say, we cannot allow people on my watch or on any watch to die in the middle of a street or on a sidewalk because they have absolutely no money. we'll get them to a hospital, get them to a doctor. we have to take care of them. do you know i get standing ovations when i say that from republicans? and then somebody will say, he's not a conservative to say that. so, you can call it whatever you want. i don't like the term mandate, personally, because that sort of means mandatory. i just say this. people are not going to die on the streets of any city or of anyplace if i'm president. and every time i say it, i get standing ovations from republicans. >> but just to clarify, you're saying now that you would not support requiring every individual in america to have health insurance, you wouldn't
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support that? >> yeah, that's right. and honestly, we were talking over each other. it was my fault. not anderson's fault. but we were talking over each other. obviously, the answer to that is exactly that. but with that being said, we have to take care of people. we have to take care of people. >> last question, sir, we heard from your wife, melania last night, which doesn't happen a tremendous amount. are we going to hear more from her going forward? >> well, jake, she's a very, very brilliant woman. you know, i know her academic background, and you know, she was tremendously successful before i met her. she's very smart. she also is a very private woman and there's something very nice about that. she's a great mother and she has some interesting causes that are going to be fantastic for the country. and she will. i mean, she -- she's -- i really just surprised her when i said that. i said, say a few words, melania, there's only about 40 million people watching. say a few words. she got up and spoke beautifully. yeah, she'll be very much
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involved. she'll be very much. what she really loves doing is being a mother. >> mr. trump, thank you so much. good luck nevada. we'll see out campaign trail. congratulations again. >> thank you very much, jake. >> let's turn now to the dpement race for